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Transform Your Space with Henghui Lighting: Your Premier Source for Wholesale Indoor Light Fixtures

When it comes to transforming the space with exquisite lighting solutions, Henghui Lighting as an indoor light fixtures wholesale is the best choice. As a leading brand in the field of home decoration lighting, we have been building brilliance since 1995. Our focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in a highly competitive market.

Crafting Brilliance Since 1995: The Henghui Advantage

At Henghui Lighting, we take pride in our rich legacy of over two decades, dedicated to illuminating homes with sophistication. As a reputable home lighting manufacturer based in China, our commitment to excellence shines through in every product we offer.


Diverse Range of Indoor Lighting Solutions: Wholesale Made Easy

Our extensive catalog encompasses an array of indoor lighting fixtures, including spotlights, chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, and more. Whether you’re revamping a cozy living room or designing a grand commercial space, our lighting solutions add a touch of elegance to every corner.


Your Trusted Partner for Wholesale and OEM Brilliance

Henghui Lighting caters to wholesalers and offers seamless OEM customization. Our production prowess allows us to fulfill large-volume orders while ensuring each product meets the highest standards of quality. We understand the significance of a competitive edge in the market, and that’s why we provide products at attractive prices without compromising on quality.


Shining Across the Globe: Henghui’s Global Presence

Henghui Lighting products have left an indelible mark across the globe, with widespread acclaim in Europe, Australia, South America, and beyond. Our brand and reputation continue to soar as we consistently deliver lighting solutions that captivate and illuminate diverse spaces.


Unveiling Our Product Range: More Than Just Light

Spotlights: Versatile, modern, and capable of transforming any space with varied lighting effects.

Pendants: Functional and artistic, offering an easy solution for accent or task lighting.

Ceiling Lamps: Popular for their space-saving design and aesthetic enhancement.

Wall Lamps: Adding layers to interior decor with unique design connotations.

Table & Floor Lamps: Mobile lighting solutions with a high repurchase rate and endless creative design possibilities.

IP44 Products: Professional, waterproof, and ideal for bathroom and outdoor lighting needs.


Henghui Lighting: Where Quality Meets Certification

All our products adhere to the highest industry standards, including CE, UL, RoHs, and EU ERP directives. Our commitment to lean management and quality manufacturing processes is reflected in certifications such as BSCI, SMETA 4P, UL, and SER.



In conclusion, Henghui Lighting invites you to partner with a brand that not only brightens spaces but also illuminates your business success. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for all your indoor lighting fixture wholesale needs. Step into a world of brilliance with Henghui Lighting – where every light tells a story of excellence.

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