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Tips about Buying lights from China: A Comprehensive Guide

With China’s economic development, importing lamps and lanterns from China is not as difficult as it will be during 2019-2022. If you decide to buy lamps for your home, hotel, office or business, you need to take a serious look at lamps made in China.

China’s lighting industry has experienced rapid growth over the past 30 years. Today China is the world’s leading consumer and producer of lighting products. Most of the luminaires we purchase consist mainly of the following:

1. indoor lighting/ spotlights/ chandeliers/ table floor/ floor lamps/ wall lamps/ LED lighting.
2. Outdoor lighting / garden lights / spotlights / wall lights.
3. Customized lighting project.

Ⅰ. Why buy lamps from China?

There are many manufacturers of lamps and lanterns in China. Their products are exquisite, consistent in quality, but relatively low in price. According to our past experience, the price in China is no more than 30% of the local price in other countries. The complete supply of inexpensive, low prices and consistent quality make importing lamps from China a very attractive option for most international buyers.

Importing lamps from China is not that simple, but if you do your research, you will find that it is a highly profitable business decision if done right.

Ⅱ. Reasons for buying Chinese lights

1. Cheaper price

The China have mastered the art of mass production. China production lines are more organized and complete than those found in most parts of the world. More importantly, China manufacturers are able to sell their products more cheaply than most of their competitors in the world.

For these reasons, China lights are relatively cheap in China:

– China has a large population and therefore has enough human resources for manufacturing, resulting in lower labor costs. They also have a productive workforce, which means cheaper prices.

– Mass production lowers the cost of production.

– E-commerce technology. China probably has the best e-commerce technology in the world. This makes it easy for lamp manufacturers to find customers and for potential customers to find them, resulting in lower marketing costs.

– Excellent infrastructure. China’s excellent infrastructure allows manufacturers to export luminaires efficiently and reduce time costs.
– Fierce competition. China has a large number of luminaire manufacturers, leading to fierce competition. This, in turn, allows luminaire manufacturers to find alternatives to lower the price of their products.

– High productivity. There is no doubt that the Chinese people work very hard to make their lives better than they ever thought possible.

2. Easy to pack

When buying lamps from China, experienced lamp factories will do their best to reduce the size of the customer’s package to reduce the cost of the product for the customer.

3.Versatile and beautiful design

Most homes today prefer stylish, energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting over simple lighting. Most homeowners now prioritize the ambiance and mood created by lighting, making them more conscious of materials and style.

China manufacturers have created beautiful lighting fixtures that can easily be matched to the interior of any home. On the other hand, I hate to say it, but it does exist. Many suppliers can make the exact same design as some of the world’s most famous brands, but sell it at a fairly low price, which is why many importers pursue this vigorously.

III. How to buy lamps from China

How to buy lamps and lanterns from China? This is the most important question for importers.

1. Do your research

Before looking for a luminaire supplier in China, do your homework and check the prices of local suppliers. This will allow you to compare their products and prices with Chinese suppliers.

Your research will show that sourcing lights in China is at least  50% less expensive than your local lighting supplier. This is the main reason why businessmen show a strong interest in buying lamps from China.

Using all the information you have gathered, draw up a list of the types of lamps you would like to import from China.

Before finalizing your list, check with the relevant government agencies that some products on your list may be banned or that they require special testing of the lamps. Make sure the supplier you choose can meet all import requirements.

2.Browse online

You may not be familiar with China and don’t know where to find a reliable supplier. Your best bet is to go online and browse. This is the quickest and most economical way to find a reliable supplier.

Google is your first choice. All you need to do is enter a clear description of what type of light you are searching for. Add “China” to narrow your search to a specific supplier in China.

Be specific in your search so that you can find the specific group of suppliers you are searching for. For example, if you are looking for spotlights, enter “spotlights China Guangdong”.

You can also go through the official websites of lighting companies, which will lead you to even better Chinese manufacturing factories, and is a big trend for future Chinese manufacturing factories to share their products.

3. Attend trade EXPOS

There are many large trade fairs around the world that showcase products made in China. Many lighting manufacturers in China showcase their products and catalogs to make their presence known to potential customers.

Attending these trade fairs will give you access to reputable and reliable Chinese suppliers. You will be able to meet their representatives and ask them about the buying process, including sampling, payment and shipment.

At these trade fairs, you will also be able to see their actual products. More importantly, you will be able to meet the suppliers and have a clear understanding of their companies to avoid being scammed.

Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)

This is the most popular fair for China products. It is the largest and longest foreign trade exhibition in China. It is held in Guangzhou (formerly Canton) twice a year. This fair, which has been held since 1957, attracts high quality buyers and highly targeted visitors from all over the world.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

This is the second largest lighting trade fair in the world. According to the statistics, it will have about 2,700 exhibitors and have about 40,000 visitors in 2023.This lighting show attracts more international buyers than mainland China, and almost all of China’s top manufacturers are involved. This event is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

From our perspective, if you are importing for sales, the above approach may work for you, but it still wastes too much time on sourcing and comparison. Based on our past experience, coming to China to buy what you need is the best way.

4.Visit China

Many of our customers contact us and ask us to provide electronic catalogs of lamps. Usually, we send some for them to choose from. However, I have to say that these catalogs are too limited. You never know, if you don’t visit China, you can visit and compare thousands of fixture stores at the same time. Pictures and videos will never show what the real quality is.

As I mentioned above, duplication is very common here. Sometimes it is hard to know why the prices vary so much because both designs look the same. The best way to find out is to visit China. Seeing is believing.

Ⅳ. Where to buy lights in China?

If you are buying in large quantities, we suggest you buy directly from the factory as they will be cheaper.

Foshan Shunde Henghui Lighting Industries Co., Ltd. (Henghui lighting) offer OEM/ODM customization, manufacturing and services for the indoor lighting industry since 1995.

Henghui Lighting is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.Our main products are LED product,Spot lamp,Wall lamps, Ceiling lamps, Chandeliers and other diversified lighting fixtures, the annual output of product manufacturing is as high as 1 million.



Henghui Lighting has mature production facilities and a stable supply chain of raw materials for lamps and lanterns to support customers’ large volume orders and personalized services, providing customers with products at good prices and quality.


Henghui Lighting products are widely distributed in Europe, Australia, South Americaand many other countries and regions. They are widely acclaimed in the local area, our  brand and reputation is constantly improving.


In the 27 years since its establishment, Henghui lighting has served more than 100 overseas retailers.


Henghui Lighting covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has 8 production lines.The annual production capacity of lamps and lanterns can reach 5,000,000 pieces.

  • R&D

Henghui Lighting has about 200 employees, 10% of whom are technicians.The number of new lamps developed each year is up to 100 models.


Made in China will not be just a statment, is our dream. All lamps comply with CE, UL standards, RoHs and EU ERP directives.

If you are interested in sourcing lighting from China and need our help. Please feel free to send us an inquiry at

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