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How to Set Up Ceiling Lights: A Guide by Henghui Lighting

If you want your room to be both visually appealing and well-lit, you must install the ceiling lights correctly. A chic and elegant option for ceiling lighting, the Triple Glass Shade E14 Flush Ceiling Light in Chrome with Crystal Beads is available from Henghui Lighting. In this comprehensive article, we present a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set up ceiling lights, focusing on our elegant light fixture.

Understanding the Triple Glass Shade E14 Flush Ceiling Light

The Triple Glass Shade E14 Flush Ceiling Light from Henghui Lighting combines elegance and functionality. With crystal beads and glass shades, this fixture adds a touch of luxury to any room. The stylish curved arms finished in chrome enhance its sophisticated appeal, making it a perfect addition to modern interiors.


Specifications of the Ceiling Light

Our ceiling light fixture has the following specifications:


Dimensions: Length of 790mm, Width of 790mm, Height of 450mm

E14 socket for easy bulb installation

Accommodates up to 3 bulbs with a maximum power of 40W

Material and Finishing Details


The ceiling light features clear glass shades that provide a sleek and contemporary look. The chrome finishing on the curved arms adds an element of elegance to the overall design. Delicate crystal beads hang gracefully from the fixture, creating a luxurious and captivating effect.


How to Set Up the Ceiling Light

Preparing for Installation


Switch off the power supply to the ceiling light fixture to ensure safety.

Gather the necessary tools and equipment, including a screwdriver and wire connectors.

Ensure the mounting surface is stable and secure, capable of supporting the weight of the fixture.


Installing the Ceiling Light


Carefully unpack the ceiling light fixture and inspect all components to ensure everything is intact.

Attach the glass shades to the main fitting using the provided screws or fittings. Ensure they are securely fastened.

Connect the wires from the ceiling to the corresponding wires on the light fixture, following standard electrical wiring procedures. Use wire connectors to secure the connections.


Testing and Finalizing the Installation


Double-check all connections to ensure they are properly secured and insulated.

Switch on the power supply to test the functionality of the ceiling light. Ensure all bulbs illuminate as expected.

Adjust the position and direction of the light as desired to achieve optimal illumination and ambiance in the space.



Properly setting up ceiling lights is crucial for creating a well-lit and visually appealing space. So, how to set up ceiling light? Henghui Lighting’s Triple Glass Shade E14 Flush Ceiling Light in Chrome with Crystal Beads, available through our OEM services, offers an elegant and sophisticated lighting solution. By following our step-by-step installation guide, users can easily install and enjoy the beauty and functionality of our ceiling light fixture. Explore Henghui Lighting’s range of lighting options, including our OEM services, to find the available fit for your lighting needs. With our OEM services, you have the flexibility to customize and brand the lighting fixtures to align with your unique style and requirements.

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