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Explore Stylish Types of Table Lamps – Henghui Lighting

Because of practicality and aesthetic value, table lamps are an essential part of every well-lit space. Henghui Lighting is pleased to provide types of table lamps that can transform rooms. Today, we would like to introduce you to our featured product: the HTA220725-01 Indoor Lighting LED E14/E27 Fashion Table Lamp. Let’s explore the unique features that set our table lamps apart.

Wooden Painted Metal Cover: A Rustic Charm

One standout feature of our table lamps is the wooden painted metal cover. This design element adds a rustic charm to rooms, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The durability and quality of the wooden painted metal cover ensure that your lamp will withstand the test of time while complementing your interior decor.


Diamond-Type Lattice Lampshade: Elegance Redefined

Our table lamps feature a distinctive diamond-type lattice lampshade design that exudes elegance and sophistication. This beautiful pattern adds a touch of visual intrigue to the lamp, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Whether users place it in living room, bedroom, or office, our diamond-type lattice lampshade will surely become a conversation piece.


Angle Adjustable for Customized Lighting

We understand that lighting needs vary depending on the situation, which is why our table lamps are equipped with an angle adjustable feature. This practical design allows you to customize the direction of light according to your specific needs. Whether you require focused task lighting or a soft ambient glow, our lamps provide the versatility you desire.


Power Supply and Protection

With a power supply of 220-240V, our table lamps are designed to deliver optimal performance. Additionally, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind. That’s why our lamps come with IP20 protection, ensuring reliable and secure operation. You can enjoy the illumination provided by our table lamps without worries.


Color Options: Wooden Painted Metal Head with Black/White Metal Lampshade

We offer a range of color options for our table lamps. The wooden painted metal head paired with a black or white metal lampshade creates a harmonious blend of materials and colors. This versatility allows you to match the lamp with your existing decor and style preferences, ensuring a seamless integration into the space.



Henghui Lighting, dedicated to enhancing your interior lighting design with stylish and high-quality table lamps such as our HTA220725-01 Indoor Lighting LED E14/E27 Fashion Table Lamp, also offers OEM services, allowing you to customize and personalize the unique features of our products to better complement your interior aesthetic. Explore our types of table lamps and elevate your interior lighting design with Henghui Lighting.

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